Guide to form FSN 1220

Here we shed some light on which information to submit so that we can processs your application in the best possible way.

The employee

swedish identity number

  • If you have a Swedish personal identity number or a Swedish coordination number, fill it in.
  • It is all good if you do not possess one yet. We will be happy if you state your date of birth instead.

day of arrival in sweden

  • If you are already here when you apply, fill in your date of entry.
  • If you are outside Sweden when you apply, fill in the date on which you expect to arrive here.

Estimated duration of stay in Sweden

  • One of the conditions for tax relief is that you do not intend to stay in Sweden for more than seven years. Please note that the application form has not yet been updated and incorrectly states five years.
  • Fill in how long you plan to stay here.

Has been a permanent or habitual resident (normally for six months) in Sweden at some time during the five years preceding the year in which the work commenced?

  • “Habitual resident” refers to someone who stays in Sweden for at least six months in a row.
  • If you have made short interruptions in a six-months stay here for visits abroad, your status as a ”habitual resident” in Sweden is not affected.
  • Nor is it affected if your stay here have covered a year-end.
  • Another case in point where you may be deemed as a “habitual resident” is if you have made regular visits to Sweden over a longer period, although each individual visit was shorter than six months.
  • If you have stayed in Sweden at some time over the relevant five-year period and feel unsure about the impact of your visit or visits, please attach a brief résumé of your visits (dates, duration, and frequency).

The employer

postal address

  • Fill in the postal address (not the street address!).
  • Fill in “Attn: NN”, if you want your mail to go to a particular person.
  • Fill in service, division, department, faculty and such, if you feel that there is a need.

Contact person/representative

Contact person or representative

  • It is helpful if someone among the employer’s personnel, who is familiar with the recruitment or tasks at issue, acts as contact person.
  • By “representative” we mean someone, for example a lawyer, who is authorized to act for you or your employer.
  • It is optional to engage a representative, leave the box empty if you do not have one.
  • If you or your employer have a representative, fill in his or her postal address and contact details.
  • If you prefer that we connect directly with you, fill in your contact details.

The employment

Date of commencement of work in Sweden

  • Fill in the date stated in your employment contract.
  • But if you started working here on another date than the one stated in your contract, fill in the factual date.

employee's position

  • Fill in the name of your post, preferably in both English and Swedish.
  • Give us a brief résumé of the job content.

to be submitted as attachments

  • Before anything else, if you plan to provide your input later on always check the box ”Attachments will be sent later”.
  • A thorough description of your responsibilities and tasks.
  • A description of your particular skills or focus areas.
  • Your CV.
  • A description of your function in the company.
  • It is very useful for us to get a picture of your level in the organization and the reporting chain, preferably illustrated by an organogram.
  • A description of the company (business, size).
  • A description of the difficulties recruiting someone on a national level with the relevant skills or focus areas.
  • Please note that all of the bullets above are not relevant for everyone.
  • For example, if you apply as a researcher in the academic field, no need to give a general presentation of the university’s activities or size or to file an organogram.

Application made by

application made by

  • Fill in if the application is made by you, your employer or you both.
  • No need to sign.
  • If only one of you applies, that is just fine.
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