Application forms

You can choose between two different forms depending on whether you base your application on the remuneration rate or on tasks and expertise.

The forms indicate the required data and the documents you need to submit. We also give you some cues in our guides to form FSN 1226 and form FSN 1220.

It is not mandatory to state a Swedish personal identity number or a Swedish coordination number. But if you already possess such a number, we are happy if you fill it in.

When you have completed the form, send us your application by e-mail or ordinary mail. Please stick to one of these channels when you file your application or any future additions.

E-mail your application to us by clicking on "Submit the application" at the bottom of the form and you will reach a pre-addressed mail ( with the application attached in PDF format. You can then attach other documents you wish to submit.

Application based on the remuneration rate

Form for printing purposes.

Application based on tasks and expertise

Form for printing purposes.

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