Change of employer

If you change job at any time during your first three years in Sweden, you have the chance to apply for tax relief in respect of the new job as well.

If you benefit from tax relief and change employer during your first three years in Sweden you may enjoy tax relief in your new job, provided you submit a new application.

The new job must directly follow the first one. Your intention must still be to stay here up to five years counted from your arrival. Thus the duration of the jobs must fall into that period of time.

It doesn't matter if your first job means that you have become habitually resident here. When examining your new application, that issue is assessed taking into account the circumstances when you started the first job.

We will process your new application even if it reaches us later than three months after you began working here. But please file the application as soon as possible as our first decision cannot be applied to income from your new job. 

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